What's in a Headline?

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Just what exactly is the purpose of a headline? Ask different people and I'm sure you'll get different answers. All too often people try to make the headline do more than it's supposed to. Where as in reality, it only has one purpose. The aim of the headline is to captivate the readers attention for long enough to get them to read the rest of the article or advertisement. Essentially the headline becomes the ad for the article or advertisement. Its job is to sell to the reader the text underneath the headline and that's it. If your headline fails to arouse enough curiosity for the reader to continue reading the rest of the text, it's failed at its job.

Here are 4 things you absolutely must do before you start to write an important headline:

1. Analyse your product or service. You must know your product or service inside out. What features are applicable to your product or service? Once you've identified what they are, you need to determine how to turn these features into problem solving benefits for your target audience.

2. Position your product or service. Identify how your product or service is different from your competition. Is there something that none of your competition are currently doing that you would be prepared to take on? Think of one word or phrase you would like your customers to think of when considering your product or service. This will help you focus your advertising message.

3. Identify your target audience. Research, research, research! It's critical that you specifically target your potential customers. It's no longer profitable to target the general public. You must find out where your customer hangs out and explore advertising in these places. Are you customers subscribed to trade magazines or journals? What age are they? Are they male or female? What sort of income do they earn?

4. Have a strategy of attack. It's important to know before you begin what your advertisement is trying to achieve. Are you trying to sell a product or service? Are you simply using the headline for a lead capture mechanism? Are you trying to promote brand awareness? These are all important questions when contemplating your strategy of attack.

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What's in a Headline?

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This article was published on 2010/03/26