Why a Simple Headline Can Make Or Break Your Business Marketing Plan

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Headlines have been responsible for millions of dollars in sales and revenue for many small businesses, entrepreneurs, corporations and direct marketing companies but it still remains one of the biggest secrets to effective marketing campaigns.

There have been many books written on how to create effective headlines, and with good reason. Some business owner have reported as much as a 1500% increase in sales after crafting an new, more effective ones.

Its hard to believe that something so simple can have a dramatic effect on your marketing results. But tests and millions of dollars in sales revenue do not lie. Here are some simple reasons a change in your headline can have such a dramatic effect on the outcome of your advertising.

They Are the Initial Contact with Your Prospects

Your headline is the initial contact with your prospects and also your chance to make a first impression. If you don't grab their attention here, you have lost the opportunity to turn them into a lifetime customer all together. A solid headline will grab their attention and make an impression.

They Generate Interest

A Good headline will also generate interest in what you offer by arousing curiosity or striking some kind of psychological trigger. This can be difficult since you only have a limited number of words to accomplish this task. This is what makes crafting an effective headline a true art.

They Lead to Action

A solid headline will lead your prospect to act quickly and contact you for more information on what you are offering. The more people you can get to take action, the more opportunities you will get to sell to them.

Plain and simple, your headline is the most important part of your advertising campaign. If your prospects aren't interested in your headline, you will never see them as a customer. But if you can generate interest, it can mean a flood of new business.

Its seems to be feat or famine. A headline can either bring hordes of interested leads, prospects and traffic to your business or it can turn away droves of potential customers, clients and business.

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Why a Simple Headline Can Make Or Break Your Business Marketing Plan

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This article was published on 2010/03/27